Interesting Times & Orbs

Blessings and curses are associated with living in interesting times, and I’ve had a bit of both lately.  But the move went better than imagined, and I keep asking myself why I made it more stressful than it needed to be.  I was afraid I had too much stuff for both my friends’ pickup truck and the panga.


As you can see, I needn’t have worried.


The sky was blue and the sea calm, and I arrived in Yelapa smiling.


Casa America is adorable, and quite a modern, well built house for Yelapa, with the exception of the bathroom.  I have not made peace with it yet!  Nor the hot water heater!

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In my somewhat frenetic state I managed to get a lot of the house put together the first afternoon and evening, and then sat on the terrace enjoying the view from my terrace.



I didn’t intend to write about the orbs again so soon, but when I downloaded the photos from my first night here, there they were again.  I don’t know what in the heck they are; so people say they are the result of moisture in the air.  Other people believe they are some kind of entities – all I know for sure is that I only get them in my photos in Yelapa. (Click on the photo to see it in a larger format.) The larger one is not the moon, it’s an orb.



This is the almost full moon through the clouds.  Speaking of which, it has been very cold and cloudy for the last couple of days.  In the mornings, when I crawl out of my warm and comfortable bed, I put on flannel pajamas, a jacket, shoes and socks, reminding myself to enjoy this weather, which will only last a couple of months before the heat returns with a vengeance.  For me, that is the big question about this move.  How will I do without air conditioning which has kept my comfortable the last three summers in Vallarta?

The next morning was sunny and beautiful, and on my way home from a walk I took this shot of my house from a hill on the other side of the village.  It’s the little house with orange trim on stilts on the other side of the pier.




Yelapa is such a bustling place now.  There have been many changes here in the years since I last lived here, and yet some things remain the same.  Yelapa is all about the boats.  The pangas that bring tourists, hence money, into the village, cargo of all kinds, and provide food.  There is a fishing coop located beneath my house, men I have known for many years, so I get to watch them come and go each day, see what they have caught, and buy fish.  I delight in all this.


My first full moon in this house, accompanied by a particularly bright orb.  I wonder what the next one will bring, how much different I will feel by then.  It is quite an adjustment living here again, after two and a half years in the city.  Vamos aver.





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