Sweet Spot Surprises Me

The Sweet Spot

Here is the Sweet Spot – at the table in the corner by the far window. Interestingly, it is not the computer table I spent so much time, hassle and money to procure and set up here.

This surprises me. All the technology I brought – buying it, learning to use it, setting it up just so, transporting it to Puerto Vallarta on a plane, putting it on a panga and ferrying it to Yelapa, setting it up here, buying even more more stuff to make it work here, and, finally, buying half a dozen new locks to protect it – how ironic that after all this I feel best writing with a pad and a pen at that little table by the window.

George Carlin would laugh at me.

I have been so thoroughly programmed to get up and start working early in the morning, it’s a hard habit to break. I find that if I start my day slowly – coffee, prayer and meditation, some time on the terrace with my nose in the wind scoping out the sea and sky, then more coffee and writing at the sweet spot – well, that’s a really fine way to begin the day. Hopefully my boss will learn to accept that I’m sending my work in a bit later. She is very supportive, so I think it will work.

Then after a couple hours of work (researching, translating, writing, sending it all off), I can fix and eat breakfast. By them I’m really hungry, so the enjoyment factor is high.

After all this a hot shower (if I’m lucky – more on this later, I don’t want to complain today), a few household chores, and off somewhere to walk and enjoy the sights and sounds of this bustling little village and it’s people. Like breakfast at the town waterfall restaurant with friends.

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I’ve really been falling down on the job as a food photographer, have enjoyed many great meals at wonderful little local restaurants without remembering to take pictures. I’ve got to work on that! This is a photo of some huge jungle bees in a flower at the Eclipse Cafe (where I enjoyed yet another great meal I forgot to capture).


I find the most important thing for me to remember is to go slow. I got very amped living in the big city, and I don’t want to be like that any more. The other day I caught myself standing at the counter of an old friend’s store, asking her for a quarter kilo of tortillas before I even said hello or asked her how she is doing. Not good! This is a small, intimate community, not the big city. I want to live a life here in which I am more present, more engaged. How sad that this doesn’t come naturally. I hope, I get better at it day by day.

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