Mechanics of Living in the Jungle

Oh boy, I forgot how complicated it can be living here. My water heater is a nightmare, and after almost 3 weeks of screwing around with it, I can tell you that the only workable solution is for me to buy a new one and pay to have it brought here and installed. Keep in mind that the coastal tropical climate is extremely corrosive, and I live right on the water. I’ll have to replace all this stuff fairly regularly.

Also, all the new locks I bought last week are the wrong size, so I am armed with a long list of detailed information about where to obtain the right kind, as well as receipts and various pieces of hardware I hope the original store will take back.

I also need a new toilet seat (wooden, cracked and a pincher), and my cell phone battery is dying – it won’t hold a charge or receive much in the way of signal. That’s the cell phone, not the toilet seat.

Other things about the bathroom drive me nuts. There is no shower pan or surround in my bathroom, when I do manage to get a few minutes of hot water, it goes all over the bathroom floor, which never seems to dry, causing me to track muddy footprints all over the rest of the house. So I have to build a shower surround too.

Since I don’t have a mechanical bone in my body, so all this is very challenging and involves having to hire various people who may or may not ever show up.

And to top it all off, after spending practically everything I had on moving, the US government has screwed up and not deposited my first social security check as promised. This means I have to go to Vallarta tomorrow and use a friend’s Vonage phone and call both Social Security and my bank. Oh joy, a day of sitting on hold.

On the plus side, it’s a beautiful sunny day. I’ve also been sleeping really well, with a window open and a stiff offshore breeze blowing down the river canyon at night bringing the scent of night blooming flowers. Cool and lovely. Cold actually, for a couple of hours in the morning. These will be lovely memories to carry into the hot summer months.

And here’s another kicker for you – a really interesting man, a writer and photographer with a ton of great stories and a wonderful sense of humor, has been calling on me. Oh lord, that sounds so old fashioned. But folks, this old gringa has been on the shelf, by choice, for quite a few years, so it’s all a bit overwhelming. I’m not taking any bets on where it will go, but I like him, and that’s a lot farther than I’ve been willing to go for the last 14 years.

Did I mention he’s good looking? Jeez. I guess it was a good idea moving out of that gay neighborhood in PV. (“I feel alive again, they’re lettin’ me drive again!” — from the movie Steelyard Blues)

So I’ll be back in a few days, hopefully reassured about funds and hardware.

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