Crazy Days and Hackers

Well gosh, it’s been a very hectic couple of weeks with some high drama for this writer and her blog. The Old Gringa was hacked and anyone with decent anti-virus software couldn’t get onto it. Thankfully, the virus only got transmitted via the RSS feed and one of the contact forms, which were not used during that period, so I don’t think any of my readers received it. But, and I’m really sorry about this, I recommend you all do some scans, including a boot scan, to make sure.

The timing was interesting, as there is currently a very talented hacker in Yelapa, and he was able to find the virus and delete it. However it had infected my server as well, Telmex, so it took even more time to straighten out, until they deleted it. All’s well that ends well, but it was a pretty frustrating experience, and I sure was reminded how important it is to have good anti-virus software, and to run scans regularly.

Meanwhile, back at the rancho, I managed to get through croquet without embarrassing myself or my partner. We placed a healthy second in our round, though we didn’t win anything for it. Sure was fun though, and here are some photos.

This was one of the only sunny moments from the whole 4 days. I actually played in the rain, which wasn’t good.


Speaking of weather, I feel for all the people who are here on vacation. The weather has been cold, overcast or rainy for the last two weeks. I’m wearing a jacket as I write today. Sure will be nice to see the sun again!

2012-02-14-2012-02-19-001-001 2012-02-14-2012-02-19-001-003 2012-02-14-2012-02-19-001-010

That last one really cracks me up. It’s Phillipo judging a round. The Yelapa Croquet Association is very strict about rules, and wearing whites is required. Since his shorts were not white, Phillipo turned them inside out. Works for me!

After the tournament was finished On Valentine’s Day, we all headed home to get ready for the awards ceremony and costume ball. There were so many great costumes, it’s not possible to post them all, but here’s a sampling.

2012-02-14-2012-02-19-001-025 2012-02-14-2012-02-19-001-024 2012-02-14-2012-02-19-001-041 2012-02-14-2012-02-19-001-040 2012-02-14-2012-02-19-001-044

The whole week was a lot of fun, and despite the crappy weather, I wouldn’t have missed it for anthying. I will be practicing croquet this summer, that’s for sure! Tomorrow I’m off to Vallarta for a couple of days. Sure hope the sun returns by the time I do!

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