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The past has returned to me in unexpected ways this week. This boat, the Elias Mann, was here in from 1988 through 1992 when I was also here, having one of the most interesting experiences of my life. In my storage unit in the States I have some wonderful photos of a trip to the Islands with a group of friends on her, an unforgettable day. When I go north again, I’ll bring the photos here, scan and post them.

I started writing a book about those years after I left Mexico in 1992, got through 19 chapters. Sadly, the computer they were on was stolen, and I didn’t have them back up adequately. This was such a terrible experience, the only way I could deal with it at the time was to let the whole thing go.

However, I had forgotten that my sister had copies of some of the chapters. On my birthday last December she Skyped me and reminded me that she had some of them. Those chapters were delivered to me by a friend this week.

Reading them has been quite surreal. This summer I hope to get started on re-writing them, and especially on finishing that first novel.

For those of you who have written wondering why I’ve been so absent here, problems with hackers continue. I got the blog all cleaned out and a few days later it was hacked again. I despair, and I feel so victimized. Why anyone would bother screwing up this innocuous little blog is beyond me. GET A LIFE YOU FREAKING SLIME BALLS!

If you have good anti-virus software, most likely you cannot even get onto my blog to read it. So maybe now I am only writing for myself. Will that change the writing? Probably. No more posturing, trying to look good, or caring what anyone else thinks. Perhaps more honesty. That would be good.



In an effort to stop the hackers, I have had to disallow any posting of comments on this blog, and I deleted all previous comments. I hated to do that. I love hearing from you, but apparently that was an open door for the creeps that are screwing with me, so I had to close it.

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