Lunch on the Beach

Wow, I should never, ever complain about living here. This is how the beach looked today, after a morning of overcast and thick grey clouds.


I am on a mission to eat at every restaurant on the beach. The local ex-pat regulars tend to hang out at certain places to the exclusion of others. I don’t like to do that. I prefer to spread the wealth. Today it was the Marlyn, and boy I couldn’t have timed it better. The sea is still cold and there were fresh oysters, so I indulged. It was awesome.


The datura is blooming all over the village, huge pale orange bells hanging in massive clusters. They are a night blooming flower, so their scent perfumes the evening breeze.


Walking home I found a toad – sappo in Spanish – on the path. As the dry season progresses, the flow of the Rio Tuito decreases, and the river ceases to open the beach. This creates a lagoon behind the beach, a perfect place for tadpoles to hatch. So in the spring the toads emerge from hiberation (where?) and they mate in the lagoon, their mating calls echoing along the river canyon. I can hear them from my house, and I am half a mile away. They also hop around the village trails at night, so one encounters them often. If you get one in your house, they eat bugs, but they leave large piles of toad poop.


The tulip trees are blooming, here is one of my favorite ones. I wonder who planted it. Wasn’t here my first time in the village in the 60s. That building is very nostalgic to me. It is the Eclipse Cafe now, but back then it was Juan Cruz’s store. I learned my first Spanish from Dona Clementina, his wife.


When I got home this guy was perched on my terrace. He’s a Magnificent Frigate, and they rarely land any where near people. It’s happening again. The eagle who hangs out near my house is starting to communicate with me too. For years I’ve had interesting relationships with birds, wild and tame, who seek me out. I’m hoping some day a shaman happens by and tells me what that is all about.


And last but not least, here’s a picture of last week’s full moon rising behind Yelapa. There are many orbs in the photo. I’ve been told they are the result of humidity, water in the air interacting with the flash. Funny that I only get them in photos I take here though.

I hope whoever is reading this, which I’m not sure anyone will any more thanks to the freaking hackers, finds the photos interesting enough to take the time to click on them to see them in a larger format.

Be well and happy. Talk to you soon.

Moon Rising and Orbs
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