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From my first time living in Mexico in 1967, when I was 17, my life has been defined in enduring ways by this culture so different from my own.  Now a 60-something woman, and never having adapted well to the fast pace of the U.S, last year I returned to live in Mexico for the fourth time.

While I cannot claim to be a true minimalist, the sheer beauty of this place and the slower, more relaxed lifestyle, fill me in ways that having “stuff” never did, so I live more simply and am happier here.

The purpose of this website is to capture my stories about this place so that, as memory fades, they do not escape me.  The site operates a bit differently than others, and I urge you to start with the 1967 Archives to get the whole story.


In the 2010 Archives, I’m blogging about my life here now.

Starting in the 1967 Archives, I am writing the story as if it was a book, a memoir in linear time, so you can read the progression from start to finish.

Occasionally I get bored with this process and break out of the linear time sequence.  Hence the stories I’ve already posted in the 1988 Archives.

I hope you enjoy the site.  Thank you for visiting, for the gift of your time and interest. 


July 2, 2010

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